NASA's hopes of launching a big Space Launch System rocket on a take a look at flight to the Moon from Kennedy Space Center on Monday are at least a few days away after engineers have been unable to unravel an engine problem. 

One of the 4 SLS core-stage engines failed to attain the perfect temperature for launch, prompting the Artemis I mission's launch director to clear the deliberate Monday morning liftoff. 

With solely forty minutes left in the countdown, scheduled as 8:33 a.m. ET, flight controllers known as a maintain whilst engineers evaluated the problem. 

Lightning struck the pad on Saturday initially caused some concern, but officials later said there was no damage to the vehicle, capsule or ground equipment.

There was once a 45-minute climate prolong on Monday morning that slowed the technique of refueling the major stage with its hydrogen fuel. A leak was once additionally discovered, however resolved. 

"We do not launch till it is right," NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated after Monday's choice to scrub. 

It's a very complicated machine, a very complicated system, and all these matters have to work, 

The subsequent launch chance for the unmanned Artemis I launch is Friday.